Certification Process - How to Get Certified

International standard Organization (ISO) develops international standards such as ISO 9001; 14001 etc. Certification is an efficient tool for organizations as they add credibility. While certification is a legal requirement in some sectors; in others it is considered as a source to competitiveness. An ISO certification demonstrates that an organization meet the requirements of internationally recognised quality standards.

Our Certification Process:

For your convenience, we have divided our certification process into five different processes.

  • Seeking an inquiry form enables in identifying scope, size of the firm and complexity. This will enable us to decide the best possible prices for you. Please contact us for more quotes.

  • Following the inquiry an offer will be arranged provided the prices and terms are agreed upon. Signing the offer will lead to the certification process.

  • This is an optional pre-assessment service. Through this we will be in a better position to peek into your existing systems. It is through this assessment, we will be in a better position to developed a revised system for you

  • This is a formal assessment where in audits are conducted and strategies are revised and implemented

  • On the satisfactory completion of a formal assessment, you will be certified institution.

The application of process will vary from sector and volume of business transactions. Please contact us for getting a detailed idea about the certification process.